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An Overview of the Company and it,s General Manager


Was founded in 1998 from a clear understanding for the need to provide and deliver professional, innovative, and flexible engineering, , and logistical solutions throughout Iraq. 

The General Director of Burge Al Weaam for General , believes that only quality of the
work is the way to get satisfaction of our clients would expect the same from the

His way of thinking forms the foundation of Burge Al Weaam’s operation and has made us a leader in the market today.

Offers professional, innovative, and flexible engineering, and logistical solutions to the
challenging environment facing both government and commercial organizations within Iraq.

With our attitude we strive to make our clients vision a reality.

Is committed to building strong client relations through quality, dependable, and
consistent service regardless of location, duration, or difficulty.

These values translate to company operations through the hands-on management approach of the company owners.

Thus we are always ready to serve our clients from all our office in Iraq.



General Manager.